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PM seeks people’s cooperation towards stamping out terrorism, militancy

2016-06-23_js-03_879601Desk Report, 23 June:

Prime Minister and Leader of the House Sheikh Hasina today sought cooperation of the countrymen towards stamping out terrorism and militancy for maintaining peaceful atmosphere in Bangladesh. BSS

“We are taking action against terrorism and militancy so that peaceful atmosphere prevails in the country … we seek cooperation of the countrymen to this end,” she said.

The Prime Minister sought the cooperation while participating in a discussion on the 67th founding anniversary of Bangladesh Awami League in the House. Industries Minister and senior Awami League leader Amir Hossain Amu initiated the unscheduled discussion on rule 302.

The Leader of the House said there are some elements who always orchestrate conspiracies. “But we will have to move forward to build Sonar Bangla as dreamt by Bangabandhu by foiling the plots,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh Awami League, the oldest political party of the country, established democracy and led the nation towards gradual socio-economic development.

In this connection, the AL president sought support and doa of the countrymen for further advancing the country by building a hunger and poverty-free Sonar Bangla.

“We seek cooperation and doa of the countrymen to serve them and ensure their better and peaceful life,” she said.

Pointing out that establishment of Awami League and Bangladesh’s independence are inter-linked, the Prime Minister said whatever Bangladesh achieved so far that came under the leadership of Awami League.

“The Awami League has contribution to all movements of the country from the Language Movement to Liberation War. If we see the list of martyrs, the Awami League, Jubo League leaders the most who sacrificed their lives for realizing the rights of the people,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said the people of the country had to cross hurdles and transition period time and again. “But the Awami League always stayed by the people, worked for their welfare and struggled for realising their rights,” she said.

“Whatever the country’s people achieved that came during the period of Awami League governments, but the people were deprived of all things when the other governments were in power,”‘ she said.

In this connection, the Premier highlighted various successes of the Awami League governments.

She said Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman rebuilt the war-ravaged nation within three and a half years.

“Those who ruled the country years after years after the assassination of Bangabandhu could not bring such success that the Bangabandhu government achieved in three and a half years.”

Sheikh Hasina said the military rulers did not take any steps for the welfare of the people. “The people forgot that getting service from the government is a legitimate right during the military rulers,” she said.

The Prime Minister said the military dictators tried to eliminate Awami League by unleashing inhuman torture and repression on its leaders and workers.

“The party had to advance by facing attacks of the military rulers. Despite the torture and repression, the Awami League led the nation to realize the rights of the people,” she said.

The Leader of the House said Awami League’s 67-year history is a history of sacrifice and struggle in one hand, while its history is achieving independence for the country and taking the country towards socioeconomic uplift in the other.

In this regard, the Awami League chief thanked the people and as well as allies of the party for staying beside it. “We have been able to take the country towards socioeconomic development as the people gave mandate to the party by casting vote in “boat”, the party symbol,” she said.

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